The guide of SiculOrto!

2021-03-19 23:09


The guide of SiculOrto!

I am Alessandro Calcagno, graduated in business administration, born and raised in Sicily!



I am Alessandro Calcagno, I was born and raised in Palagonia, a famous town near Catania, really famous for the quality of its red oranges, where with passion and commitment hundreds of farmers produce the best sicilian citrus!


Born in 1997, I graduated in business administration at the University of Catania, and now I'm graduating in Corporate Finance. I'm in love with my Sicily and with the amazing fruits of my land! I am passionate about sport, green economy and Europe!



I speak Italian, English and spanish with the same accent: Siciian at KM0!!!




I have travelled a lot for studying and for fun, thanks to ErasmusPlus project I lived for five months in Spain and four months in Poland, where I met amazing friends from all over the world! I can define myself a Sicilian that look to Europe, open to innovation through tradition!

I stand firm only on one thing: during my travels, in the kitchen, the taste of home must never be missing!!!


"You can take out a Sicilian from Sicily,

 but you can't take out Sicily from a Sicilian"

I will try trough this blog to tell you how to choose the best fresh fruits,

how we cultivate them and how they are picked before coming to your table!


Thanks to the partnership of specialists and friends we are going to talk about the benefits of the sicilian gold, and how much passion the Sicilian land spreads to his sons!


Why do I want to talk about fruit? Because when life gives you lemon, you make a lemonade!!! 




My Sicily is famous around the world for the sun, the tousim and the quality of its fruits! I'm Sicilian and I want to enhance the Sicilian Gold: the citrus, the prickly pear, the pistachio, the grap, the tomatoes, the avocado, the almond, the carruba.... and the amazing people who lives thanks to it!





Sicily has the call of the sea,

the charm of ancient myths,

the scent of dreams,

the forms of hospitality,

the beauty of people.

Fabrizio Caramagna


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