Sicilian agriculture: the real Sicilian gold!

2021-03-21 17:40


Sicilian agriculture: the real Sicilian gold!

Why is agriculture the real gold of Sicily?

Why is agriculture the real gold of Sicily?


Sicily is mainly characterized by agriculture, where three quarters of the island's territory is used for agriculture.

Do you know that about 11% of Sicilians are employed in this sector as emerged from the study by INEA the national institute of agricultural economics? It means that every ten Sicilians you meet at least on of these is a caretaker of the Sicilian tradition!!!

The big amount of land used for agriculture qualify my region as among the top suppliers of citrus fruits in Italy, in fact, about 60% of oranges and mandarins and 90% of lemons on the Italian market are Sicilian. As for neighboring countries (France, Germany, Austria), where 50% of citrus fruits on the market come from Sicily.


Have you ever tasted a Sicilian red orange, or a Sicilian lemon?

If the answer is no, hurry up and buy a Sicilian citrus fruits, the citrus season is almost over!!!


In Sicily, nine million hectoliters of wine are produced in Sicily, that is 15% of the total wine production in Italy.


Have you ever cheers with a glass of our Nero D'avola, Marsala or Bianco D'alcamo?



«I do not envy God the Heaven

because I am happy to live in Sicily ».

Federico II di Svevia

Italy is the European country with the largest number of agri-food products with designation of origin and geographical protected indication recognized by the European Union. A further demonstration of the great quality of our productions, but above all of the strong relationship that links Italian agri-food excellence to its territory of origin.

Among the Sicilian IGP products we find:

The Table grapes of Canicattì

The Table grapes of Mazzarrone

The Red orange of Sicily

Carrot of Ispica

Capperi of Pantelleria

Lemon of Syracuse

Limon Interdonato of Messina

Bivona peach

Peach of Leonforte

Tomatoes of Pachino

Sea salt of Trapani IGP

Among the Sicilian products with designation of origin we can find: 

Prickly Pear of Etna

Prickly Pear of San Cono

Cherry of Etna

Orange of Ribera

Green Pistachio of Bronte

Nocellara del Belice

Piacentino Ennese

Pecorino Siciliano

I will not dwell on listing the other numerous Sicilian goodies.

To discover the qualities of Sicilian products, you just have to subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated on the next articles and come to visit us in Sicily, where we will be happy to guide you to discover Sicilian gold!

Write me in the comments which fruit

of the Sicilian land you like best!


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