Sicilian Blood Orange

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Sicilian Blood Orange

Why red oranges are red?

Sicilian Red Orange is a fresh citrus fruit characterized by the presence of natural antioxidant pigments, anthocyanins, which give

the fruit a typical red color! The blood oranges, grown in Sicily, is good to eat, it is very rich in nutrients, the vitamin C is the most known but not the only one. The blood orange is singular for the characteristic pigmentation of the peel and its red juice. The fruit is harvested manually with the help of small scissor, blended with the hand of the farmer, giving each fruit a real story, not cold and cumbersome .

Nutritional properties and benefits of Sicilian blood orange!


Red pulp oranges have a higher level of vitamin C and flavonoids (they have antioxidant effects) than blonde oranges. An orange

juice of blood oranges contains 80% of the recommended daily consumption of vitamin C.

Why is vitamin C important?


It increases the resistance of the human body against various chemical and environmental agents, strengthens the immune defenses against viruses and bacteria. It helps the deposition of calcium and phosphorus in the bones and teeth and is very effective in the prevention of



What are anthocyanins?

The name of these precious substances comes from the Greek anthos-flower and ky àneos-blue and indicates the precious activity they carry out in nature, giving color to vegetables, giving the characteristic red color to our oranges. In fact, during the winter, thanks to our mother Etna, where it snows lowering the weather temperature, in our citrus farm there is a strong temperature range, with a warm and sunny weather during the day and much colder during the night, close to zero degrees. The sudden changes in temperature activate the pigmentation of the anthocyanins which give the juice and pulp an intense red color. From a study conducted by the European Oncological Institute of Milan and published in the International Journal of Obesity, it was found that the high content of anthocyanins, blood oranges contains a lot of them, exert a protective role on the entire cardiovascular system, lowering high blood pressure, reducing bad cholesterol. Blood oranges are also recommended by nutritionists to fight obesity, because it reduces triglycerides and the deposition of fat in the liver induced by a diet that is too unbalanced in fat. (source: ANTI-OBESITY



What are the activities carried out by the farmer?

Each orange is the result of an annual work, every day we take care of our trees.

It all begins more or less after the last harvest, the plants are pruned and fertilized to restore the right energy to their sap. The orange trees are always green, with dark green leaves, and in spring they turn white thanks to the flowering of the fragrant Orange Blossom!

About three thousand orange blossoms bloom in each tree, but only some of them turn into the wonderful blood oranges. As temperatures rise in summer, it is time to irrigate and carefully monitor the growth and well-being of the trees and oranges. In autumn the fruits begin to change shades of colors, from green to orange and then in winter, thanks to the high temperature range and the ripening process, they take on their natural red color!


The red orange varieties of Sicily!

The MORO orange is the most pigmented variety, in fact it contains the highest number of anthocyanins. Its pulp is completely red, with a blood color! They usually ripen earlier than other oranges, ready for trade as early as December! They have a double vocation because being seedless they are therefore suitable both for consumption as a juice and as a table!


The TAROCCO orange is the most valuable, considered the queen of oranges! Ripening takes place from mid-December to mid-May in the later areas! The

pulp is yellow-orange, seedless with intense red pigmentations! There are many Tarocco

clones, among the best and tastiest in our opinion we find the Tarocco Gallo, the Tarocco Nucellare, the Red Tarocco VCR and the Tarocco Lempso.

Let me know in the comments if you want more information on these types of clones!


The SANGUINELLO orange is the last to ripen, ripening begins in February but often the harvest takes place at the end of March and April. The peel is deep orange in color with red hues, the pulp is very juicy and its flavor is excellent! Its name is due to the bloody shades that color its pulp. A high content of vitamin C and anthocyanins make it excellent from a nutritional point of view!



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